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What is LSF?

Definição, história e percurso


LSF (Light Steel Framing) is a system that uses galvanized steel beams for the construction of buildings.
The beams come in a specific shape (C or U), which offer an amazing mechanical resistance, while also reducing weight, in order to provide a stable metalic structure.

History / Path

This system is already a reality in more developed countries, such as the United States of America, Australia, South America (Brazil is already a strong investor in this type of construction), Northern European countries, and others, that already begin to use and recommend this type of structural construction.
This structural system is based on the American constructive system used for hundreds of years with wood profiles, but, because of the various problems that that material presented with the aging of the structure and the massive destruction of forest space, it was replaced with steel.
Steel is the most widely used construction material in the world and is expected to have even more uses in the future due to its stability, versatility, longer life and the fact that it is 100{05a6a1d883f81409973e612d2bfbd9a45ebcce8a97be4d5b6b2a6b6685b106bf} recyclable.
It is a thoroughly tested structural system based on a constructive method, except that with the use of new materials, it is now more reliable and comes with greater concerns of structural stability and protection of the environment. It also provides controlled costs in its maintenance and sustainability. Besides all of this, it is also a system with multiple comfort adding solutions, that comes in a simple and adaptable way which fits all the needs of our customers.